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Holding on to a fairytale, seems about my life

It’s just a spark
But it’s enough to keep me going
And when it’s dark out, no one’s around
It keeps glowing

I strike…

The keys on my keyboard to drown out the melodramatic sound of silence. Β Its thursday and the whole world seems to be at a standstill. The only thing I seem to notice is the heart beat buzz of my cell phone, its a text from someone i love. The silence is killing me.

I’ll put your body to the test with mine.

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Am I crazy?

They say the best things are worth waiting for. Don’t get me wrong love I’ll wait till the end of time for you, but it’s not easy.Β  I want to know a few things love. What do you want me to do? What do you want from me when I come home? What are you looking for in me? What makes you love me?


Que faire si je ne peux pas vous oublier?

Your Insanity, Our Symphony

Are you ready for that constant white noise in your head again. You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin because you say the noise is gone. Silence is like nails on a chalk board for you. Baby please do me this one favor stop close your eyes and drown out everything. Embrace that silence and listen to those voices of your past. I am your insanity and I have always been. Instead of white noise, lets create a symphony. Beautiful elegance,soothing sound, amour parfait. Je t’aime Γ  la lune et retour ours en peluche.Quand mes yeux ouverts dans la matinΓ©e tout ce qu’ils veulent, c’est de vous voir and may this be our future.Β 

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You Say I need to Write More,

This relationship is not a dance, a tango. There is no shuffling of feet forwards or backwards, when you move I move love. From here we move forward, we will be an unstoppable force you and I. The past to me is just a reminder of how I can improve for you. The one thing I share with you is the noise, I am the chink in your armor. I am your insanity. You may be the only person I change for and I hope you see this.Β 

…”And as we own this night, I put your body to the test with mine. This love was out of control”.. Extreme? Thats what you say your feelings are with me. I know I have broken your trust with the lies but I am trying for us right now. There is no chase with us, its more like holding on for dear life. I will do what I feel is right to prove to you I am ready to give you my everything. Our future has been set in motion.

The ring is ready with your name on it. This time its for keeps.Β 

I felt like i wrote my vows btw